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Exclamation The KidPub Cup (THE WORLD CUP...IN KIDPUB) Multi-Round Cultural CONTEST // COUNTRIES

The KidPub Cup, or the 1st Annual KidPub Cup, is a multi-round contest designed for the purpose of unlocking the true writer within you. The contest will include about eight rounds, each round consisting of a certain task related to writing in some way. There will be a number of groups which will be narrowed down as the contest continues. Each group will be assigned different writing tasks in which the individuals in the group will complete. Their entries will be judged and whatever entry I feel fits the task subject the best will move on in the contest.

Each group is assigned the title of a country in which the writers in that particular group will reflect that country's culture throughout their writing. Individuals will be able to have people "sponser" them or vote for them, which will indeed become an advantage. All votes will be recorded and updated daily, similar to a Scoreboard. This will help in the advancement to the next round. However, entries will be solely judged based on how it meets the topic/subject/requirements of the round.

Donít decide those in your group are your worst opponents/enemies just yet. Youíll be required at least once to do a collaboration with your teammates. From there, the groups will be narrowed down to 6 instead of 8.

As I am still deciding on countries that the groups could be based off of, I ask that if people have a question, to put it in a different reply than your entry to the contest so that you can still edit your post in case I update the countries you can choose from.

The countries you can choose from so far are as follows: United States of America (Group 1), Canada (Group 2), Australia (Group 3), Korea (Group 4), Germany (Group 5), England (Group 6), Brazil (Group 7), and Greece (Group 8).

Round One will consist of the first task, which will be the same for all of the groups. Your entry must reflect the group's culture you are in. Research on these countries is recommended to add into your writing masterpieces. One person from every group/country will be elimated from the contest. No more than 10 people per group, please. That is about 80 people total that can enter this contest. Hopefully, 80 people will want to enter. Round Two will consist of different things depending on the group you are in. No group will have the same task each round, but every person in the group will have a chance to do all the activites if they stay in the contest. The only other time, besides the first round, that every group will have the same task again is Round Five, which I will explain a bit later in this post. I will update this post every day with more information, since this IS a slightly complicated contest. Nevertheless, it will be something KP has never experienced before.

Some rounds people WILL have the same task, but not all, at the same time. This is because I need everyone to be able to have the same opportunity to do the same tasks, but it is impossible to coordinate it without at least two groups doing the same thing at one time.

The KidPub Cup is going to last at least a month and a half. With all the rounds that will happen, and the suspense that will build up, it will most definitely take some time. That being said, it will be intriguing and definitely one of the most breathtaking contests I've ever hosted.

I've been working on this post for a while and finally decided to post it after I touched up all the ideas. I've really wanted to hold a contest for a while. I know there are a lot of contests going on, so I hope this won't take away from those.

GROUPS~ There will be about 10 people per group. This will leave space for about 80 people to join this contest. If there isn't 10 people entering each group, I will lower the number. However, KP, We can do this! I hope everyone will get a chance to participate in this. ^-^

Listings of who is in what group will be available on the original KP post located at the bottom of this thread. (There will be a link. ^^)

POINT/VOTE SYSTEM~ Here's how the point system will work:

For every round that you complete, you will be awarded 50 points. For every supporter/voter/sponser that you get, you will receive 5 points. Voters can only sponser two people. Voting will start on the Advertising Process Round and I would like people who don't end up entering to become a voter, if possible. Voting is easy to do and quick. I will post the form to vote when the A.P begins. People who enter the contest, however, cannot vote or take part in supporting/voting/sponsering.

The person with the most points and who makes it to the Face-Off will win the title of 1st place, the person with the second most amount of points and who makes it to the Face-Off will win the title of 2nd place, and so on. The only different title will be Honorable Mention. I will be hand-picking this title based on whoever I think deserves this rank the most. There will be many, many amazing writers that will enter this contest... and it will be quite hard to choose.

On every round, I will be the one to judge the entries of who to go on in the contest. Don't get discouraged. If you happen to not make it through, don't worry. This doesn't mean you're a poor writer! Of course you aren't! It's going to be hard to judge all these magnificent entries that I will receive. I will post the links to all your entries in posts containing information about the KidPub Cup.

Votes will be counted individually, rather than as a team. Remember that you'll be working individually except for the collaboration rounds as well! ^_^

PRIZES~ Please know, that these prizes will not be permanent. They will only get larger, if edited.

1st Place (Winner of the KidPub Cup banner, designed by yours truly for your bio): 25 comments, 18 w/ CC, 3 book reviews, featured in my signature for a month, a poem and chapter dedicated to you, a custom-requested book cover, the KidPub [Golden 1st Place] Cup banner fitted to your biography, a poem written about you, and custom wolf-lineart.

2nd Place: 15 comments, 7 w/ CC, 2 book reviews, featured/mentioned in my biography for a month, a poem and chapter dedicated to you, the KidPub [Silver 2nd Place] Cup banner for your biography,

3rd Place: 10 comments, 6 w/ CC, 1 book review, featured/mentioned in my biography for three weeks, a poem dedicated to you, the KidPub [Bronze 3rd Place] Cup banner for your biography.

Honorable Mention: 6 comments, 3 w/ CC, an excerpt dedicated to you, and an Honorable Mention banner for your biography.

ENTERING & ENTRY FORM~ Anyone can enter and will be allowed to enter. There is no picking who will be in the contest. It is up to you to create a Short Story about whatever you'd like. It is a Free Write, after all. You will be required, however, to fill out an entry form letting me know just basic details such as the Country/group you'd like to be part of. Your Short Story must be at least 850 words and no longer than 2,500 words. This is just a general outline though, so I will be lenient if you go over or under the word limits slightly.

You can find the entry form on the original KP post, which will be listed at the bottom of this thread.

Please include 'For The KidPub Cup' somewhere in the title of your entry if you'd like. Post the link under Link to Entry once completed please. The first entry you will give will be the Short Story Free Write. This round is open for anyone to join. Please include something related to your country in your story. What I mean by this, is that you add in something that ties in your story with the country/group you are in.

You can always edit in to your post the link to your entry, but please fill out the form and post it even if you haven't gotten started on your entry yet. The deadline for the Short Story Free Write (Round One of this contest) will be March 16th, 2013. I know Exams are coming up for some people, so I tried to make it quite some time away. If it isn't enough time, I will make it a later due-date.

Thank you, Abbey Bominable, for mentioning this. You will be allowed to use something you've previously written as long as it fits the requirements.

There will be a lot more information available on the original KP post (XD) which you can find at the bottom of this post. Please do not reply to reposts because I will be deleting them later on.

QUESTIONS~ If you have any questions or comments, please put them in your entry form and I will respond to you/update this post with the answer as soon as possible. I will be checking this post every day! If you (or someone) replies to your post, you will not be able to edit. I ask that everyone please replies to this topic rather than someone's post so everyone will be able to edit in the link to their entry.

DEDICATION~ This contest is dedicated to the Tophatson Family-- JessicaK, Max, Ash, and [Sandy]. _[ô]_ _[]_ Top-hat-son. :') Top-hats-on.

NOTE TO ALL~ Please post entry forms, comments, and more on the original link to this contest (THESE REPOSTS WILL BE DELETED AFTER A WHILE.) The deadline has also been EXTENDED to March 16th, 2013 as I have only gotten one or two entries and we still need to try to get the number of people up to 80. (We can do this KIDPUB ) :


Thank you! The original post will also be the most updated as I will be constantly adding more KidPubbers under different countries as more people enter to the original post rather than the reposts, which will be updated a bit slower. Thank you again and hope you guys enter! We need as much participation as we can get!
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