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Originally Posted by Sparklez5858 View Post
Currently falling into the oblivion of my own tears. 0.0
So I whipped up this chapter of a new story last night (whipped up = two hours) and I was actually pretty proud of it. It was a bit abstract-ish and I've never really combined well with this genre.
So I go to post it, but realize that I still haven't pressed the "spell check" button. I press it and wait for it to load, which takes about two minutes, when I finally see the actually spell check flash. Then it goes back to loading...then flashes again. Loading. Flash. Loading. Flash.
At this point, I'm super stressed. I realize that the fans on my computer are busting out and that it's super hut. The spell check flashing continues.
After putting it outside and in the freezer (yeah, I know, it was my father's idea) it still continues to flash.
We have to shut it off, and know the story is down the drain.

*sigh* Sorry. I just needed to rant, and fortunately, there's a "The Rant About What You're Writing" thread.
I am so sorry. That is a terrible terrible feeling.
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