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Originally Posted by Cherrybomb View Post
I don't usually dream. When I do dream, it's usually about nightmares, and if it's a good dream I usually forget it right away. So I was very happy a few days ago because I had a good dream I could remember. XD

My dream involved whales who pretty much saved my life, a pyromaniac who wanted to kill me because of my friendship with a whale(and almost did kill me if it wasn't for my rock-climbing skills), friends being not-so-friendly, a person who looked like Taylor Swift, a person who looked like Jack Frost (and this was freaking awesome, okay), Icelandic castles and a medieval kingdom-ish setting, and strangely enough the dream all began by my family and I going for a fishing trip. O_O

...I sortof want to explain it, but that would take a while.
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