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Originally Posted by waverunner View Post
I've read all of these like a thousand times. Sorry, but I don't understand.
ALL I said was that was people may get upset if they lose, but that is apart of competition. I said that because someone else said that people may get upset if they don't get chosen, which is perfectly fine. I get that some people are highly competitive and some aren't. I didn't mean anything rude.
Ye it's ok we know you're just trying to do some fun awards or whatever we're jus pointing some stuff out to you. I know it's tiring to keep up with all this "political correctness" kind of stuff.
We're really not trying to attack you
Also , pls. A part. Not apart
We're just saying that the "that's just a part of competition" comes off a little insensitive bc it's like you're saying "it is what it is" abt something that can make some neurodivergent people extremely upset and possibly want to die so :/
We mean no offense
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