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What you go by on KidPub: Alem
Power: okay so kinda like quick glimpses or visions of the future. This can sometimes be helpful but usually it might not because itís usually just a minute or two and you canít tell exactly whatís going on.
Personal Supplies: phone (donít have one in real life hee hee), iPad, a bag of books, hygiene supplies, sunglasses (visions can only be seen while wearing these sunglasses. Of course not anytime I want but when they do come, Iím wearing them.), notebook!
Anything that might be useful: the sunglasses/vision thing? Iíll think of more later though.
Anything that might not be useful: once again the whole vision thing. Sometimes it warns us but it doesnít always give us the specifics of where, when, how, and why.
Secrets: I donít know... yet...
Other: I donít know... yet...
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