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ok so I have a question for yall who’ve already taken algebra 2

so basically, I’m going into eighth grade next year but I’m starting algebra 2 and I’m doing it during the 2nd semester (sadly I couldn’t do it during the 1st cuz of schedule problemos)

but let me get to the question. is algebra 2 hard? I’m taking an honors course and doing it twoish threeish years early. for algebra 1 and geometry, it’ll show up I took them in 7th grade but my grade won’t be calculated in my high school gpa. however it will starting next year. good grades are really important to me and the idea of something actually being in my high school gpa is kind of scary. So if any of you guys have taken algebra 2 can u let me know if it’s hard or your experience with it and yeah sorry for rambling thankssssss

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