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My school used to do Destination Imagination (Which is pretty much the exact same thing as OM), but only offered it to the kids in the gifted and Talented program. So, I was on the team for the three years we were offered it, and then they cut the program because some kid complained to his parents, and his parents complained to the school. D:

I remember that one year, we did a story about Theodore Roosevelt, called Teddy's Bear, about how the teddy bear was invented. I played the MAN that Teddy was traveling with, because their wasn't a single girl part in the skit. And our team consisted of two boys and five girls. In another skit we did (the trumpet of the swan), i played the swan's DAD.

Anyway, I'm trying to convince my mom to start it back up, because we've asked, and they said they would start it up if someone would be in charge of it. I nominated my mom.

So, what kind of skits have you guys done? What role did you play?
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