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One word of advice:


They usually fail. Boy AND girl teams are good. For some reason, all-guy teams are the best. O_O

And you probably won't be able to pick your team anyway. It depends on whose parent(s) will volunteer as coach(es). (You can have up to 3 coaches. My team used to have 2 coaches, but the other coach was the girl-who-quit's mom.) So you might be able to pick 1 or 2 of the kids on your team, but it's pretty unlikely you'll pick your whole team. :\

And I think it's better if all your best friends aren't on the same team. 'Cause then you get NOTHING DONE. Seriously, the people on my team aren't all best friends, but we know each other so well that we goof around all the time, and we hardly do anything. xD
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