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Name: April Thomas
Age: 13
Pokemon: Her most favored Pokemon is her Cyndaquil, which she barely ever keeps in his Poke Ball. A few other random Pokemon.
Friends: Brought her twin brother with her on her journey to the Pokemon League.
Kin: Her twin, her parents, and grandparents that live with her.
Looks(for trainers and gijinkas): Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale complexion. Average height.
Shiny?(pokemon): There's a whole box for if you're shiny or not?
History: Father is a Pokemon Gym Leader, and her Mother was the Champion Pokemon Trainer for ten years, then April's father defeated her. Lives on Cinnabar Island, in the Kanto region. Grandparents run the lab on the island.

Name: Joel Thomas
Age: 13
Pokemon: Arcanine (or however you spell it)
Friends: Just his sister.
Kin: Same as above.
Looks: Same as above, but taller.
History: Same as above.
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