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That last day. The raindrops spit against my umbrella. It was the last day of the trip, and everything went wrong. It was such an innocent trip, riding up the mountain-side on a tram. My parent's were so happy, sitting in a seat in front of me. Laughter, and oohs and ahhs rang across the snowy hills as we rode up to ski down the mountain. Suddenly, the tram stopped, jerking, leaving us swinging on the benches in midair. And just as suddenly, my parents were gone. I didn't see them fall. They were simply gone, snuffed out, disappeared. And now I am wandering the hill, searching for them. They must have fallen somewhere in the snow. The rain had started a few hours ago, turning from a drizzle to a pelting downpour. Unlike other stories, this one might not have a happy ending.

"Mo-o-om! Da-a-ad? Heeeellooooo?"


What? Was was that?

"Honey? Is that you? It is!"


"Dan! I found her!"

I turned around to see my parents, their faces tear streaked and red. It was a happy ending after all.
Reports of
death have been
greatly exaggerated.
-- Mark Twain
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