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Lightbulb *Jill*

Originally Posted by ARandomWriter View Post
I'm thinking we will need a team name. Something catchy, maybe something that has plenty of rhyming words so it can play a major part in the chant. Also, who will be our team captain? Just to remind you, our options are WriterM, *Jill* and myself. I don't want to make the decision because I regretfully haven't gotten to know either of you well enough to judge.
Okay then, Harry. I know Writer M well enough, but I do not know you that well. We could let her decide, or we could draw a captain. I know Lydia's email, so it might be a bit more convenient for me to do it, but I don't want to be bossy or pushy. So, I can put suggestions, and we can decide the team captain later, okay? If you two have any suggestions or opinions, please say them!
Team Name? Hm... That's a hard one. Maybe one based on writing and... animals? I dunno. I kinda like hawks though.
As for the team chant, rhymes are hard to find until we settle on a team name, to be catchy, fun, and symbolizes both our writing, spirit, and teamwork. It also has to have something to do with the team chant, and vice versa. I am not very good at freestyles or rhymes, so I might get kicked off... :P I'll help out where I can! Any ideas?

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