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Aa giirl wiith bloondee haaiir saat iin aa treeee eeaatiing aan aapplee. Aall oof thee suuddeen, aa faaiiryy coomees aand whiisks heer ooff too aanootheer diimeensiioon. Shee waas scaareed aat fiirst, buut noow heeree shee iis.

Rule: replace every noun with 'happy face'.
The fairy smiled to her. "Don't worry, my child, this dimension is safe for the most part and we need your help. Are you willing to help us, dear girl?"

Am I getting the concept or am I far from it??
Who gave words this much power?
Why do we care so much about their meanings?
These "words" are just lines, curves, and sounds.
That's all words really and truly are.
But if that's what they are,
Then why do these "words" hurt so much?
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