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Default New Super Hero: Shadow

Welcome to the Guardians!

Name: Shadow

Real Name: Amber Smith

Powers: Nobody really knows what Shadow's power is- its a form of necromancy, sort of. Shadow controls, well, the shadows, and can form the shadows into weapons, use the shadows to hide in the darkness and use them to sense any death that has occured around her. She can also inflict nightmares into people's heads as the shadows/necromancy are all about feeding on fear. Her regular skills include being able to sneak around really well, she is good at running-parkour and is good at manipulation.

Looks: Shadow loves to wear black and it conveniently aids her when hiding in her shadows. She is tall and ghostly pale, and usually wears black leather jackets with black skinny jeans and combat boots. She carries around several daggers in a belt and a crossbow on her wrist. Her hair is a very deep red, almost a rich brown, which is usually tied up. Her eyes are a very dark brown and when she uses her powers they turn black.

Personality: Due to her being around a lot of death and letting her shadows feed on fear, she is used to being quite cold. But, once you get to know her, she is actually quite warm and has a good sense of humour (which usually includes dirty jokes and sarcasm). She doesn't like to open up about her feelings but she is very emotional. She will fight to the death and beyond for those she loves, but can be unforgiving to those who have hurt her. She likes working by herself and if she has to, with one other person, but hates working in groups.

Backstory: When Shadow was little, she watched her parents die in a house fire while she was rescued by firemen. That caused her to sink into a dark depression. When she was 13 and ready to jump off a building to save herself from the sadness she was experiencing, the shadows reached out to her and she jumped at the opportunity to take control of them and in a way, take control of death. She felt like by controlling these shadows she could feel better about her parents' death.
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