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Default New Super Hero: Mirage

Thanks for joining the Guardians!

Name: Mirage

Real Name: Moreen ‘Moe’ Thompson

Power(s): She uses an array of chemicals and poisons to toy with her enemies. The poisons are released using grenades of her own invention and special pods on her wrists. She releases the chemicals, into the air as a vapor or “smoke”. Some chemicals must be inhaled and cause hallucination or paralysis. Others only need to make contact with the skin to be effective, these can cause blisters, 1st degree burns, or temporary blindness. Often she just releases a harmless smoke to obscure the enemy’s vision and attacks from behind. She is practiced in martial arts. Other weapons include a metal whip, dual blades, and several daggers.

Looks: About 5’3, slender, with caramel skin. Shoulder length black hair, high cheekbones and brown almond eyes. During combat she wears a flexible body-suit, gloves and knee high boots, all made from a material that can protect her from the toxins she releases. The suit is bulletproof and holds about 30 of her custom grenades, her metal whip, and daggers on the belt. Her two swords are on sheaths on her back. On her wrists she has two metal pods that release chemicals into the air. She wears a gas mask over her head.

Personality: Moe is a perfectionist. Everything she does is calculated, she always assesses the pros and cons of every decision she makes, which is why most people come to her for advice and why she is an expert strategist. She is also very critical of herself and constantly tears herself down. She’s closed off, introverted, and hardly displays much emotion. However if you get to know her better you will find her to be very empathetic. Moe dreams of traveling the world.

Backstory: Her father was a criminal who terrorized the city with toxins and poisons. He also ran a large company that manufactured weapons. So, using his own tech against him, Moe defeated her father and vowed to clean up the streets to make amends for his mistakes. She creates all compounds and gadgets on her own.
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