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Default New Super Hero: Thespian

The tenth super hero has joined the conflict!

Name: Thespian

Real Name: Ano'i Kealoha (ah-NOE-ee kee-LOH-hah)

Powers: Ano'i is incredibly strong, agile, and flexible. She can perform incredible acrobatic stunts and lift amazing amounts of weight. However, she is not extremely muscle-bound. Her powers are not obvious until she uses them. That's where she gets her name- "thespian", a synonym for "actor". She wears ordinary clothes during fights and looks completely normal, blending in with the crowd, until she is needed. Then she can knock out enemies with her bare fists, throw cars, and lift rubble to free civilians. She cannot fly and doesn't use weapons other than random stuff she finds in the middle of a fight. Pretty much, she is undetectable as a threat by the enemy and very hard to match in fighting skill. However, she doesn't have superspeed or anything like that and she can get exhausted. Sometimes she can't escape the panicking crowds quickly enough to prevent damage, but she's learned how to gauge when she should drop her cover. Basically, she uses her completely ordinary appearance to mask her presence until she make a move.

Looks: Ano'i has long, curly dark brown hair that she wears in some sort of ordinary hairstyle, like braids or ponytails. Her skin is tanned and freckled and her eyes are a dark amber color. Both of her parents are native Hawai'ins, so she has had to put up with a lot of racial slurs and stereotypes outside of the islands. She usually wears t-shirts and denim capris or other comfortable clothes. As I mentioned before, she doesn't have a costume for fights.

Personality: Ano'i is very bubbly, cheerful, and optimistic. She always seems to have something funny to say and can always lighten the mood. There are only two things that really make her upset: 1) people making fun of her for her ethnicity and 2) bullies. When confronted with these two things, she loses her playful attitude and becomes threatening. She could beat anyone in a fight, but you don't realize that until she is staring you down. She loves her team and is very attached to them, so, after time, she begins to act threatening to defend them as well.

Backstory: No one is quite sure how Ano'i ended up with superhuman strength and agility, especially since it is so hidden. No bulging muscles. She's not any bigger than anyone else her age. Some islanders think she's actually a demigod. It's possible that she ate something as a child that she shouldn't have. No one really knows.
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