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Default Writing Programs/Contests

I figured I should make an area to compile writing contests, programs etc
(Partly because I need extracurriculars to do)

What I'm thinking of entering:
YoungArts - a contest where the finalists go to Orlando for a week and learn in their craft; the writing section is the most popular I believe, but there are lots of other disciplines like music and photography and art. There are usually 150 or so finalists out of about 12,000, so the odds are not in your favor but if some of us did win it would basically be a KP Reunion
Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards: Art/Writing contest that's pretty competitive, I got a silver key two years ago, which isn't that great but I was proud of it :p
YEA - a writing group in Maine where four teens publish, design and promote their own novels--it's probably not relevant if you don't live in/near Maine but I thought I should list it

So yeah list anything that could be useful to our competitive writers :D
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