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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
Miss Mousie has never been on the AN. At least, not in the one year that i've actually been paying attention to what goes on around KP.

I think Sy means that Miss Mousie sort of chilled for a while after I mentioned on A/N that she was creeping me out and other people agreed.

Not to mention, have any of you ever seen someone named Miss Mousie on the sidebar? Ever? Because in order for Sy to have seen a Miss Mousie on the AN there would've, at some point, had to have been a Miss Mousie on the sidebar. Either that or Sy would have to already know the KP user who was masquerading as Miss Mousie, and call it a hunch, but I doubt she does.

lmao i feel guilty

you guys i have nothing to do with it

i know this is quite old but like

pls dont hurt me im sick
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