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*To Ivory*
Ohmygod.... I am so sorry!!! Don't feel like that!!! I understand it must feel horrible and I am sure it is devastating, but there is always a reason to live! I wish I could hug you tightly right now, and do whatever it is you need from me! So if you need someone to talk to email me (I am Desonia Travers on the main site), I promise it gets better kay? My Oma died a few years ago and we were almost like mother daughter. When she died I got depressed, but in time it got better! I didn't have anyone really to help me, but you have Kidpub to help you out! Just remember this, she is watching you and making sure you are fine from whatever place she wanted most to be in her afterlife. One day you will see each other, just hopefully not any time soon!
Remember, I wish you the best and hope everything gets better soon!
Desonia T.
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