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Originally Posted by EmmaR View Post
It's arbitrary, really. I was probably a newbie for like a year, but I'm a particularly awkward one (I was also very young, and that contributes to it a bit) and for some it only takes a small amount of time to get accustomed.
Originally Posted by TheMoonWakedWolf View Post
Kinda like what Emma said, it really depends on your maturity/experience/reputation. Some people are newbies for a few weeks, some for a few months, some for a few years (like, if you leave for months at a time and barely anyone knows you). If you get to know the website quickly, make friends easily, and are generally a pleasant KPer, people won't consider you a newbie as much as people who clog, get defensive, are obnoxious, and annoy a lot of people.
Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Probably when you turn one ... I've been here since Dec. 1st
Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Also what Emma said
I guess I'm a newbie then. *shyly smiles*
no need to hurry,
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