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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
how to pass test u are probably going to fail

how to stop stressing for a test thatís three days away so u can go to bed
*rubs hands together* here's where I can help

get a distraction. your lucky you don't have parents like mine, who actually control my time on the computer.

also, when you do get back to studying, try a different, easier approach. don't know what you're studying for but taking an easier route at first makes the hard part seem better. i should know, my geography teacher gives us an online study guide and breaks it up into little parts to make memorizing different continents easier for us.

Don't know what you're studying for, but if it's a math thing, then maybe try to point out the certain problem types and how to solve them, making a digital or handwritten list. don't try to solve them for now. just write out exactly how to do it.

If it's one of those "read a long book for english class and be expected to know every little thing and also no it's not a writing thing it's a stupid close ended question test" ordeal, then take the time to list out the major characters/plot points and what kind of happens + major themes or whatever. I'm not going to go into too much detail on reading bc you guys are advanced as hell to be on kidpub

If it's science, then just list and describe the important stuff. Same goes for literally anything else, unless that's not possible. Just try to take things in smaller chunks.

Take breaks. Eat comfort food often, but also eat healthy stuff (it'll make you feel productive). Get exercise. Go to sleep earlier. Read at least a half hour before bed. You can write instead, but be warned that it might make you want to keep writing all night long, and also screens before you fall asleep is going to keep you awake. So is sugar. I recommend keeping a glass of water near your bed.

Good luck on your test. I know that wasn't really something you were actually asking for help for but haha, too late, now you must obey me.
please, ignore my screaming.
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