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Default THE WRITER *Similar to The Voice, if you've heard of it. Please enter!*

I know I've tried this before with Writica, and I'm going to try again. Let me explain. There will be four judges, and they will give me their email. Each judge has four spots on their team. After contestants submit their entries, I will send the entry by email to the judges, the author being anonymous. Each judge will decide if they want the person on their team, and why. I will relay the message back to the contestant and the contestant will choose their coach. After I get enough contestants, I'll add on the information for Round Two.

I need four judges to be elected. Request for a judging spot by filling out this form:

Been on KP for_ *(No. of months or years and months)*:
Why I would make a good judge *(I don't know just fill it out ;D)*:

I will pick and choose four judges. The judges need to send me their email so we can keep in touch. Deadline for forms will be June 30th.

Sophie (Minimalist)

Now for the contestants. Just request, and I'll put you down. You need to submit an entry; a piece of writing no more than 2000 words long, writing does not have to be new. Deadline for pieces is July 15th, although it is subject to change if more time is needed.


I'll take only up to eighteen contestants.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's begin! If you have any questions, just ask.
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