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Originally Posted by scarlett424 View Post
Maybe he could carry a Rubix cube. Haha kidding that'd be weird. Maybe a good luck charm type thing. Like, Rubin was a really crafty artsy type of person (er fox) and spent his spare time braiding together feathers and clovers and flowers and it ended up looking like a necklace. Then he gave it to Calliope as a birthday present or something. Since Rubin's death, Calliope grew out his fur so that it would cover the necklace (because of his tough guy act and all that.)

As for other quirks, whenever he's really happy, his left eye twitches and he kind of zones out and doesn't listen to what anyone says. Because of his temporary deaf-ness, he tries to stay in a bad mood as much as he can.

He's nervous around pretty girls and kind of drops his tough guy act and tries to act charming. While doing so, he thinks he's really clever and starts cracking jokes. Honestly, though, comedy just isn't his thing. He spits out pathetic puns and unbelievably stupid knock-knock jokes.

*whispers* not attractive.
*loves idea* Great, that's awesome!
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