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I have a firm headcanon that when he has hope, and when he is happy, because he is happy, Sans is a freakin daredevil

"Your brother is giving my husband gray hairs," Toriel was saying matter-of-factly, when through the open window she heard the voice of the young man in question.

"Asriel! Watch this!" Sans was saying, perched at the top of the pine tree. As Toriel watched, he leapt downwards. Her heart jolted in terror, and her son accordingly shrieked, but just before a deadly impact Sans vanished and reappeared, on his feet and unharmed. Asriel ran for him and checked him frantically for injuries while Toriel turned to Papyrus, who did not look very perturbed.

"He is also giving my son gray hairs," she stated, and Papyrus grinned helplessly at her.

"Does it help that I'm not concerned?" he asked, "He has very good control of himself and his magic, and this behavior doesn't worry me."

"It does help," realized Toriel.
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