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ignore me singing the into thewoods soundtrack in the background

and also, after everything is well and done:

Baker(George, I think his name is):
-Awkward dad
-Thinks because Cinderella is a woman she knows everything about children
-"Dad, can I go in the woods?" "nononononONONONONO"
-Still hear's his wife's voice

-"George wtf"
-"No, we're not married, why DOES EVERYONE KEEP ASKING THAT"
-Everyone calls her Cinders, the kids do, George does
-Rupunzel and George reunite so whenever Rapunzel comes over Cinderella has to hide so the royal guard won't, like, murder her

Little Red:
-So, SO much better than Jack
-And she will tell you that
-"I double dog dare you" to-"
-"Hey, Baker, I can do this better than Jack!"
-"Cinders, can you tell Jack to knock it off, he's annoying me again"

-Desperate to do at least one thing better than Red
-"You're on!"
-The cow
-Milky White is better than ever
-And the potion helped her become a better milking cow
-Just one milk from her is enough for Jack to feed his makeshift family for a week

The baby:
-"Cinders, Red and Jack are competing again"
-Red and Jack always have the kid decide the winner
-Can also hear mom's ghost, but doesn't tell anyone until Cinders catches him talking to the air
-Cinders, the total mom figure
-"Dad, can you tell me the part about the witch again?"
please, ignore my screaming.
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