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She lkoeod up at the firay, her haed ckoecd. "Wlel, I gesus tath'd dpened on waht etcxlay you need hlep wtih."

Rule: replace every time pronoun with '*'

She crossed her arms in a sassy pose as the fairy smiled sweetly. "Don't worry, dear," she said. "It's nothing big. Just a little revolution."
"A revolution?!" The girl exclaimed. "You lead your own revolution!" She gasped as the fairy pulled her into a mushroom that was so tiny, not even an ant could live in it, but surprisingly, both of them fit.
Who gave words this much power?
Why do we care so much about their meanings?
These "words" are just lines, curves, and sounds.
That's all words really and truly are.
But if that's what they are,
Then why do these "words" hurt so much?
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