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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
So, should we do a "prom" or call it a "summer dance?" How many people here have KidMUD? Would it be plausible for everyone to meet on KidMUD? When should we do this thing? How should we do it?
Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
we could do it on a Friday or Saturday, since work tends to happen on weekdays and church tends to happen on Sunday (for those that either of these things applies to)

If we do it soon, I won't be able to go on kidmud but if we wait a month I probs can. (I know a month is a long time I'm sorry.) I agree with Zelda on the day, tho idk exactly when we should do it and I don't rly care much. I would prefer we wait a couple of weeks until I have a working computer again but if you guys want to do it sooner that is ok. We would have to advertise it and see how many people think it's a good idea/ plan on attending or whatever.

Side note: so I guess that makes us the dance committee? Lol
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