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"Hello," I said to the lady at the desk, who looked a bit tired and harassed, but friendly.
"We're with Perry Donham. Is he here yet?"
She squinted at us, then relaxed. "Oh, the internet reunion type thing. Yeah, you're legit. But Mister Donham hasn't been around."
I looked over my shoulder at the others, a bit perturbed, before turning back to her. "Well, I think most of the party is here. Can we have the room keys for-"
"Policy is that you can only have your room key and your roommate's," she said, "until everyone is checked in officially."
I rolled my eyes at the rules, but agreed. "I'm Snow Oakwood. These guys are Jill and..." I trailed off, remembering that I didn't know either of their surnames, and that they may have made reservations under different names.
"I'd better let them introduce themselves."
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