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Originally Posted by maxi View Post

Emily+Nolan (Revenge),
Travitchell (Vladimir's Mansion),
Charbretta (WOT),
Noldam (Nolan and Adam from Otaku's novels...lol i dunno),
Amy and Rory (DW),
Eleven and Amy (DW),
Chlark (Smallville),
Dean and Castiel (Supernatural)...
*ears perk up* CHLARK? O_O You watch Smallville? MAN, I used to love that show....*gives Lana to Lex* There, be happy. *looks at Lois* ....YEAHHHH, sorry, don't have anyone to pair you with. e_e Now GO AWAY. *shoos her away* I know it's not canon...but....STILL. XD

Charbretta. *laughs* I love how it's not necessarily canon, and yet every reader seems to ship it. XD
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