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Originally Posted by TheAshWolf View Post
*ears perk up* CHLARK? O_O You watch Smallville? MAN, I used to love that show....*gives Lana to Lex* There, be happy. *looks at Lois* ....YEAHHHH, sorry, don't have anyone to pair you with. e_e Now GO AWAY. *shoos her away* I know it's not canon...but....STILL. XD

Charbretta. *laughs* I love how it's not necessarily canon, and yet every reader seems to ship it. XD

Haha. *smiles* DAT SOUNDS LIKE MEH.

@_@ I forgot to add Frikey. ._.
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Raindrops on roses and
Girls in white dresses and
Sleeping with roaches and
Taking best guesses
At the shade of the sheets and
Before all the stains
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