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Originally Posted by Arthurboulos View Post
"Oh my goodness," Morganne's father said. "I think it might be."
Teddy saw the girl and her eyes widen and he knew Harry was about to be pulled away from another autograph. His beliefs were confirmed when the girl and her parents approached them.
Morganne didn't want to socialize, but this was Harry Potter himself! As in the man who'd defeated the evil Lord Voldemort when he was in school at Hogwarts! She didn't run away like she might've if it was anyone else, and instead stood quietly and played with her cat. It was more than most people got.

"Mo, come over here! I've found one of your classmates!" She quietly hid behind her father and continued to let Calla lick all over her face. "This is Teddy Lupin and he'll be attending Hogwarts as a first year student. Teddy, this is my daughter Morganne."

Morganne reddened with embarrassment. "Hi," she whispered.
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