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Morganne was glad she had Victoire and Orion in her house, and she was sort of hoping for a room with the former. At least it would be someone she knew already and she wouldn't have to go through the awkwardness of making friends all over again.

A large seventh-year boy took a quick glance at her and called out to her, "Hey! You there! Curly-head!"

"I'm sorry, were you talking to me?" asked Morganne, a little scared.

"You're not related to Eric Tilling, are you?"

She was utterly shocked. "H-how did you guess?" Well, she did look a little like her Slytherin cousin, but the resemblance wasn't that strong.

He smirked. "You both are pretty much tall and skinny beanpoles with frog eyes. No offense intended though. This isn't Slytherin after all, and Eric isn't half bad himself. He's one of my best chums." She was relieved. "I'm Marvin Cresswater and I'll be one of your prefects this year. That girl over there, the one with short hair, that's Mathilda Reece. She's the other one."

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