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Originally Posted by Arthurboulos View Post
Haha sure

(Yeah, Teddy made Gryffindor)
The next morning the Gryffindors had Transfiguration with the Ravenclaws. The students sat at their desks but the teacher wasn't there, so they decided to talk, when a small white puppy walked in but then turned into a white haired young adult who dramatically flopped onto the front desk startling a few Ravenclaws. "Transfiguration is one of the main arts of magic."
"Turning a thing into another thing," he said turning the apple on the teachers desk into a frog, "and back again." The frog turned back to an apple.
"I am Professor Foggyfoot. Your transfiguration teacher." Then he took a bite out of the apple.
(Can Maxon pwease be gay?)

Maxon tried his hardest not to laugh at the teacher's name, but it was actually quite hard so he just did a quiet sputter. "Foggyfoot," he whispered to himself, chuckling at how funny the name was. Then he stopped immediately and focused on the lesson. He had studied a lot before coming to Hogwarts. Probably too much, now. He wasn't that impressed by what the teacher had done since he had practiced once with his aunt before.
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