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Name: Cerdan
Age (14-21): 14
Gender (if female she will have a smaller part since females go to Lady Millicent's School for Ladies): M
Personality: Cerdan is very shy and tends to keep to himself as he has a very hard time trusting people. Deep down though he is curious. He also has a hard time connecting with people. Nightmares also plague his mind making him occasionally jumpy during the day.
Appearance: Extremely dark brown hair, electric blue eyes, pale complexion, medium hight and slender. Has a scar on his left ankle from a bite when he was younger.
Family: He is the orphan son of Sir Mordred and his childhood sweetheart Kara.
A Villain (their enemy they will meet in the Trials, which are exams for this school where they go into the woods and protect the lady they are assigned until the ball at the end of the semester. Then they protect the lady go to the ball with. The villain can be any sort of creature.) A Druid called Hauqir Grimm who is a master of necromancy.
Lady (read above): Lady Aliss, an intelligent girl with black hair and ivory eyes.
Other: Both his parents were Druids and so is he but he tries to hide it and often disappears into the nearest forest to practice in a cave that he found.
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