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Default Does anyone remember me? (kayla)

Hello guys, yeah.
I haven't been on that much and I technically left but I left very silently. It was almost as though kidpub was a party, and I left embarrassed for my childish actions out the back door while no one was looking. I hope u guys missed me, but if u didnt thats ok. Im a lot more mature now and my writing is very sirius (sorry it is against all my life rules to pass up a harry potter joke). It is so much better than it was before and I will not have a complete meltdown. I will always be the youngest here and I have long accepted that I might sond immature. (Mai birtday coming up dough so iww be EWEVEN! Wow now I hear it). I noticed myself slowly drifting away from kidpub, first with the nes, then the whole main page itself, and then I left all together. Im rlly sorry but I guess im back?
(P.S. I copied and pasted this from another thread becuz i needed to say the same thing and was too lazy to type it all up.)

So DO you remember me?
When you want to let go
Hold on

When you want to give up
Be a

And when your flame dies down
I've got a


'cause I would do anything to help you shine brighter
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