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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
Honestly, I don't bother to censor myself on the forums, though I'll tend to censor swearing for the sake of professionalism on the mainsite
I just try to avoid swearing on all forums but EVT, I think.

Originally Posted by HannahChen2009 View Post
I'd almost forgotten about these memories before you mentioned them lol
They are less prominent for me though, since I was never active on WB back in the day, I couldn't understand it and thought no one used it
None of the names I use on this site are "real names" or they might be; none of these are my legal names since my only legal name is in Chinese (and then English, spelled phonetically) but my given name in English is Lillian BUT I've been here so long I also respond to Jill irl accidentally (the name comes up in English textbooks, so)
I was on KP, like, everyday in middle school, but I almost never wrote on NSP and instead just conversed with people on the forums, haha.
I've always been Rachel on here, but I also will respond to CAC.
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