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Originally Posted by JoMarch View Post

And welcome to the KP Rainbow Squad.
For those who know Lena and me, you most likely know we are insane. Very much so. In fact, we are the Queens of Insanity. You also may have heard of the epic rainbow Belinda.
Yesh, Belinda is my bffl. And Lena's too. It all started because the evil jerk rainbow Bobbie dumped Belinda. Then Bobbie was shunned, exiled, and disowned by rainbow kind. And then he was eaten by a wild tiger after kidnapping Roy G. Biv. And then we hosted his funeral *coughcough* party *coughcough* and finally said good riddens to the evil Bobbie. But we still had the insanely awesome Belinda to hang out with and she danced on Bobbie's grave with us.
^^^ Epic gif of adorable Belinda dancing
ANYHOO!!! We have recently decided to create a KP Rainbow Squad. Basically, we will be a family of epicness, insanity, and FlockDraw parties with assigned colors and code names. Your code name must correspond with the first letter of your color.

So, if you want to join this Rainbow Squad, here is the form....

Color choice:
Create your own code name or have us make one?:
If creating your own code name, what is it?:
Proof of insanity:

An example of a filled out form is this...

Name: Ellie
Color choice: Violet
Create your own code name or have us make one?: Create my own
If creating your own code name, what is it?: Violanetta
Proof of insanity: I rule it. >8^D And this sounds like fun... (I created it, sooo yeah)

Proof of insanity can just be why you want to join or if Lena or I has reccomended you. Also, if you create your own code name, it must be unique, exotic, most likely unrealistic, and start with the same letter as your color.
The color we are using are Roy G. Biv- a personal friend of mine.

Red- Relifloppo (Arin)
Orange- (Isabel)
Yellow- (open)
Green- Gwydion (Ena)
Blue- Bicelia (Abbey)
Indigo- Idaliffle (Lena)
Violet- Violanetta (Ellie-- Me)

As of now, we are doing one person per color. If we have more than enough people, we can take more than one person per color. Did I miss anything? I hope not. WELL-- have fun!!! And thank you for taking the time to read this. My army of butterflies will not destroy you. Feel free to ask questions here, or email me (rourthedragon24@verizon.net), and sign up of you like insanity and crazy families!!!!! 8D

P.S.-- Our rainbow captain is Belinda, unless anybody knows any aspiring rainbows who are equally epic and hoping for a chance at fame in the Rainbow World and Insanity Queendom.

P.P.S-- When we have our squad assembled, we will begin thinking of epic squad names and group-bonding tasks. I have big plans for this guise xD

I would...but you took my favorite color. D:
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