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Oh Mindy's being badass. i mean, this:"And Mom and Dad know you're missing."

"It took them this long, huh."

"Yeah. And they're worried. It's stressful."

"At least they aren't blaming you for murder, or anything." Nothing from Savannah's end.

"Wait, they are?" I ask.

"Not murder. But they think I did something. And I'm technically an adult now, so I can't say 'I'm just a kid. What could I do?'"

"If I got caught, would they take the blame off you?"

"Melinda. Don't do what you're thinking."

"Of course not," I reassure as sweetly as I can. Then, I end her call.

I pull out my money. If I'm going to get caught, I might as well make a convincing show out of it.
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