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Oops, didn't see this until now.

When did you first start writing? Oh wow... um, when I was really young, I remember writing some weird little story, drawing pictures for it, and then giving it to my parents for Christmas. So, yeah, a long time. xD
What was your first story? Finished or not finished? If not finished, then I don't remember. But I know I do have a lot of stories that I had an idea for, but it was too weak and so I just have the written copy hiding in my desk somewhere. xD But for finished story, that would probably be one really strange story called 'Halloween Thief.'
How do you get your character name ideas? Most of the time, I just come up with the weirdest names I can. Sometimes, though, I do steal names from some people I know, although I do not use their personalities.
How do you define crazy? Um... something that is without reason and just plain stupid. In other words, ASLFJADSKLGFOADFNJALSDFA'';k
*clears throat* Extremely... insane. *nods*
What inspires you to write? Well... I don't really know. Myself? I love writing and just controlling everything that happens.
What drives your stories? Imagination, I guess. I always imagine things and I guess I just like... making them come true. In my stories. I don't know
What drives your character’s emotions? A good portion of the time, probably whatever I'm feeling or whatever is happening in the scene they are in.
What do you think of Allie? Hmmm.... pretty cool. Nice, too. I think we would be friends if she was real.
In that case, what do you think of Ella? No offense... but who is Ella?
Do you base characters off of people? No, not really. Sometimes I steal their name, but not their personality.
If so, who? From my Hunger Games fan fic, one of my main characters was named Cameron, and my sister's best friend's brother is named Cameron. I have another story where my best friend was in it... now that I think of it, the character and the real person were more alike than I thought.
Why do you read/slash watch this? They are funny. I get bored. Bored people + funny things = not as bored people
Do you consider yourself funny? I try to be, sometimes. I think it might be fun to do stand-up comedy, but I'm definitely not making that my profession.
Do you consider us funny? Yesh, I do.
Will you watch the next episode? Well, ya. Why wouldn't I?
is it summer yet
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