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look I knew that having new kids was going to be really rough, and even the three new kids who came in halfway last year (that was a huge mistake but yknow) was really rough, but man some of these kids have no tact? and theyre whining abt how the seniors are really anti-drugs and anti-drinking on campus and how we are promoting a "snitch culture" and like yea ok no one likes getting in trouble but you weren't here last year. our drugs and drinking culture got so extremely out of hand that the first weekend people got dangerously drunk, and the third week the culture we had around this contributed to a student's suicide. and while things didn't ever get that bad again (thank god) throughout the entire year we had students showing up to class drunk as a way to deal with their emotions, we had kids who spent solid months constantly stoned because they couldn't deal with their grief, we had multiple other students who almost died because of what they took, and these people weren't taken to faculty when it really was a life-or-death situation. "snitch culture" fuck off I know youre new but oh my god the majority of the senior class was fairly severely traumatized last year and we are doing our best to keep not only ourselves safe, but also keep all of you guys safe because as seniors, we have a responsibility to do so.
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