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I never really liked PE. My PE teachers have been awesome, but I just never really liked it. At my school, you have to get All American (top 25 in the country in running, top 10 in swimming, idk about other sports) to get waved from PE. I should know. I do 5 sports.
My complaint would be the homework. It's literally a week and a day into the school year and we've already had 34 assignments. The funniest thing was that last year, at convocation (the high school joins the middle school and the head of school gives a speech), the head of school gave a speech about the importance of free time. It took all I had not to just crack up. Ha! Free time! Like anyone knows what THAT is! The school keeps emphasizing on creating well-rounded global citizens that are not only focused on academics, but sports and arts, and then they dump craploads of homework on you and still think you have time to practice.
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