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I might go to see it Friday at an IMAX theater a while away with my friend I just hope my mom will be willing to drive :3

And WILL TURNER! <333 I wanna be married in the pouring rain wearing men's clothes to the theme of POTC XD I noticed that Elizabeth says during her vows, "In sickness and in health...with health being less likely..." XD Best couple EVER.

I dont know who this new chick is in On Stranger Tides, but I'm suspicious...mostly because I'm so peeved neither of my fav characters are in it >.<

"Here, take it. It's always belonged to you."
"Keep a weather eye on the horizon."
"How can I trust you if you make all your desicions alone?"

(All three Will quotes I adore ^.^)

Now for Jack...

"My peanut!"
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