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Default Please. I'm begging. Don't read this. No joke.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Do NOT post ANYTHING on this thread, and do NOT read it! D:

If there is one thing I beg of you, it is that you don't read it! One thing. Please. Don't read, don't comment. I know you COULD read it and not mention it but I would seriously be really disappointed because I'm saying right now that this was going to be over email but it won't work out. This is a private conversation.

Don't. Read. It. Don't. Comment. On. It.

That is what I expect of you: the follow those requests.

Please. This will be open to the public LATER. Be patient. Please. Please.

Those who can read and comment, you know who you are and have been notified. So everyone else will see new posts here, but that does not me a free-for-all. Got it?

Thank you in advance.
"Oh! Somebody ought to take society by the four corners of the sheet and toss it all into the air! Everything would be broken, most likely, but at least nobody would have anything, there'd be that much gained!" - Les MisÚrables
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