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Okay. If you are reading this and are not supposed to, please leave this thread. Thanks.

Ash. Leloo. [nods] I was reading an interview with Stephenie Meyer and another author and it was incredible to see how they interacted. They discussed their books, popularity, writing techniques, things they strggle with, characters, inspiration, all of it. As a writer, I have been wanting to do that ever since. So here we are. A three-way interview. It won't be classic, fill in the blank. This will be a conversation starting with questions and letting it flow. But I would like to make a request: make it professional :3 This will be posted on the NSP when we're done. And this thread will be deleted. I'll start us off with another post, but I just need to know your initials first. I'm HN, Leloo is AV, and Ash...? Initials just look good :3

Okay. Let's have fun!
"Oh! Somebody ought to take society by the four corners of the sheet and toss it all into the air! Everything would be broken, most likely, but at least nobody would have anything, there'd be that much gained!" - Les MisÚrables
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