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Originally Posted by WolfWriter View Post
Greetings! As many of us are aware, writing is not for everyone. But reading is. Every book has it's audience, people who will love it and people who will hate it. We just have to accept that as authors. But we get so many questions. I've read interviews with various writers, and there always seems to be one reoccurring question: How do you come up with these ideas?

Wow. That's hard to answer because we all walk by so many stories each day, just begging to be put on paper. And once we select one, it is the author's job to make it the best it can be and to keep pushing on. At first, I'm on fire for the book, but after a while, I struggle for inspiration. I find mine in music and scenery, and in the way people act around me. That couple at the grocery store. That accident on the news. My mind starts to reel and it's all I can think about. Then I sit down and write.

Everyone has different techniques, though, so I'm curious about your thoughts.

Oh, wow. Um... Inspiration. It just kinda comes to me. I only write stories about wolves because it's my specialty, and my passion. But when you've got a good story going, it's all you think about, all you daydream about. When you have to sit down and organize your story ideas on paper, chances are, you'll end up writing NONE of those stories. A new one will come along when inspiration strikes--and that's the one you've been looking for all along.

Inspiration is a huge thing in writing. Time to open your eyes. It's all about experience and imagination working together to create new ideas. Take things you've seen, done, worked with, and make it into something completely unique and spectacular. That's the key to a brilliant idea.
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