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Originally Posted by Cherrybomb View Post
Do any of you ever read a certain word(a very ...zesty word at that) that you just must use for your next story/poem? As in, a word that just sounds nice, is descriptive, strong, etc. (heh.) You store it away in some file of your brain until you have the chance to use the zesty word. ^_^

I know I have these zesty words.

A lot of them.

To brief, I was wondering what some of these words you guys have are. The point is to sortof to improve our vocabulary, file away a few more awesome words.

For one, I must use the word gossamer. And periwinkle. And lithe. And—I think you get the point. ^_^

(on a side note, if anyone has already posted something like this, sorry! D: )

I love the word gossamer!
no need to hurry,
no need to sparkle,
no need to be anything
but oneself.

- virginia woolf
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