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Originally Posted by EpicWriter View Post
I'm not going to say I dislike the Twilight books because I've never read them. However I don't think it's entirely fair to hate on them. Yes, maybe they have an annoying, maybe even bad plot. But it's directed at a certain demographic of readers, and if you are not part of that demographic then don't read them. When somebody starts hating on the Harry Potter series, everybody goes insane and overprotective. However, when somebody criticizes Twilight, most people will agree and laugh along with it. I disagree wholeheartedly with the above post, the one that mentions J.K Rowling as a 'thief, racist' etc., but if one of these posts was made the other way around, saying untrue things about the Twilight books and author, not a lot of people would care. They would share the picture. They would laugh at it.
All in all I just don't agree with people hating on other people's writing. What about here, on Kidpub? If someone started posting nasty images criticizing you and your writing, or someone else's, the entire site would go into uproar because of it, including myself. So why is it okay to hate on popular authors?
How eloquently said.
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