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Default That Moment When...

I’ve actually been wanting to create this thread for a looooooong time but never got around to it. It’s probably pretty obvious just by the name but basically you start with “That moment when...” and then write something that is relatable or funny or annoying or anything, honestly that happens to you. I’ll start with an example:

That moment when... you’re not sure whether to wave back at someone because it seems like they’re waving at you but they could be waving to the person behind you, or next to you, or etc! And then you decide to wave back but they are waving to another person OR you don’t wave back and they’re waving to you! :/ lol

But yah it doesn’t have to be that long :)))) les get this starteddddd
* Please don’t get mad at me if you don’t like the idea or there’s already a thread like this, just trying to help :) *
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