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Late post, but I'm just here to say that if you don't know what labels you want, it's fine not to have any. I struggled with this when i wad younger too and since then I've just decided not to put any labels on myself for the time being.
Do I like girls? Absolutely!!! Girls are wonderful! Could I potentially be romantically attracted to girls? Maybe!! But figuring out girls could even like girls took some time for me so I'm not sure if I have ever had a crush on a girl but I'm pretty sure I did.
Do I like boys? You bet!! Boys are neat and I currently am in a relationship with a boy!
Do I like nb people?? Well I haven't met any yet irl but nb people are wonderful too <3
Thing is, don't pressure yourself to find a label asap. And if you are happy with this label now but feel different later, you are definitely not "fake", you're just figuring things out and your orientation is no less valid.
Good luck kid!!
And it gets easier,
Even if it never stops being hard.
-Ena, 2017
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