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Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict View Post
new development

[11:05:16 AM] Jesse Mist: what do u have a crush on me or something lol
[11:30:20 AM] Esther Ruehle: okay what is with you?
[1:27:41 PM] Jesse Mist: what lol
[8:42:13 PM] Esther Ruehle: idk just seems like you have all of a sudden become obsessed with knowing if I like you
[8:49:09 PM] Jesse Mist: U dont like me at all!!!!!????? IM SO SAD NOW> IM GONNA KILL MYSELF
[8:49:37 PM] Esther Ruehle: okay what is going on with you
[8:49:50 PM] Esther Ruehle: don't say "lol what" btw
[8:50:47 PM] Jesse Mist: esther im messing with u'
[8:51:05 PM] Esther Ruehle: haha
[8:51:14 PM] Esther Ruehle: so what was up with the thing on google hangouts?
[8:51:24 PM] Jesse Mist: Im just insacure
[8:51:56 PM] Esther Ruehle: okay
[8:52:00 PM] Esther Ruehle: how does that relate to me though?
[8:52:22 PM] Esther Ruehle: okay nvm
[8:52:29 PM] Jesse Mist: It doesnt lol
[8:52:42 PM] Esther Ruehle: okay whatever
[8:52:51 PM] Esther Ruehle: besides aren't you still into lydia?
[8:53:04 PM] Jesse Mist: Yes
[8:53:06 PM] Jesse Mist: lol
[8:53:12 PM] Jesse Mist: But i dont want to talk about
hey Esther imma cut in real fast and tell you this boy seems dumb af honestly
"In the beginning, the universe was created.
This made a lot of people upset and has been widely regarded as a bad idea."

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