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Default Superhero Academy NES

Welcome to SIT. (Superheroes In Training). Lol if super and heroes were two different words...

Power Options: Teleporting, flight, nature, invisibility, water-control, fire-control, etc.

Age (13-17):
Friends/ Relationships:

Have fun!!!!

Current Charries
Name: Raven Asano
Age (13-17): 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a light tan. She is wearing jeans, and t-shirt, and sandals. She has a medkit in her pocket, just in case anything happens.
Power: Fire-control
Personality: She's quiet, and smart. She doesn't like talking to others, unless they begin talking to her.
Friends/ Relationships: A couple

Name: Velvet Inconnigo
Age (13-17): 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long red hair, with crimsonish eyes, but mostly black pupils. She usually wears loose shirts and jeans, and seems to prefer red over any other color.
Power: Shapeshifter
Personality: Red is the way to describe her. Flashy, sometimes gets a little jealous, but she's usually very happy and helpful.
Friends/ Relationships: IDK

Name: Brian Ecleckto
Age (13-17): 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average hight, five ten, with brown hair and blue eyes. Suit is a blue and white patterned jumpsuit made of a rubber and cotton allloy, his own design, and has a cowl similar to the Flash but blue. His boots and gloves are white and have lighting decals on them.
Power: Has the ability to spark blue volts of electricity from body, control currents and fly by riding the winds. Can run as fast as lighting and has the strength to lift an eighteen wheeler. Is immune to all forms of electricity, and can heal somewhat fast.Is very smart and can solve difficult problems in his head.
Personality: He has a humorous side, but when fighting crime or doing something that requires attention, he is tense and to the point. Dispite this, he always thinks on the bright side, for his own sake and for the sake of his team. He is always jumpy, has lots of nervous energy and in times of hightened emotion, such as exitement or stress, his body generates a static charge. When very angry body glows blue, energy sparking off him and his eyes glow blue.
Friends/ Relationships: He is very good friends with another seasoned superhero, The Black Hawk. (Maximum 'Max' Black) . He is currently in no relationships (yet)

Name: Eliana Mannings
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Apperence: Jet black hair that is strainght and goes all the way to her back. She had swooped bangs. She has grey-blue eyes and is kind of pale. She has thin, rosy lips.
Power: She can control the weather.
Personality: Smart, and sensible. She gets annoyed easily, and gets all As. Sometimes people can really get on her nerves but she always tries to stay calm.
Friends/Relationships You can decide
Other: She has super small circle glasses the sit on the tip of her nose.

Name: Slade Storm
Age (13-17): 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blonde curly hair, spring blue eyes, muscular, tan skin.
Power: Teleporting and Telepathy
Personality: He gets jealous easily, and when he's mad, he's really destructive and when he's happy he's really nice.
Friends/ Relationships: Idek yet.
Other: He is Sue and Johnny Storm's little brother.

Name: Violet Shine (The Seer) <---- her superhero name
Age (13-17): 17
Gender: female
Appearance: wavy brown hair going to her waist, hazel eyes, thin lips, tall and skinny
Power: x-Ray eyes, invisibility
Personality: kind, goofy, leader like, but stubborn
Friends/ Relationships: are you willing to give her a boyfriend?
Other: N/A

Name:Hanna starling (Swift) <---- superhero name
Age (13-17):16
Appearance:Blonde hair always tied in a ponytail with light blue dyed tips
And usually wears white has a light blue belt
Power: ice power
Personality: friendly, scared easily,
Friends/ Relationships:
Other: N/A

Name:Nick Martin (Golden Nickel)
Age (13-17):16
Appearance:spiky black hair, oval face
Power: see and hear far away, and good with gadgets. Has two daggers
Personality: goofy,
Friends/ Relationships: N/A
Other: (I entered him in a earlier superhero contest)
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